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This page is dedicated to inform all GasGas owners of any existing factory updates that may effect their motorcycle's running condition. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DEALER IF YOUR MOTORCYCLE REQUIRES ANY OF THE WARRANTIES LISTED OR IF YOU'RE UNSURE ANY OF THESE UPDATES HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY PERFORMED.

2018 EC/XC/GP Hand Grips

The handgrips on the left side have minimal or no grip glue applied and may not hold grip in place appropriately.  The grips do fit properly but under hard riding conditions could come loose and pull off handlebars. #TB-GG-17-10

2018 EC/XC/GP Front Axle

Some front axles supplied to the factory during production of the 2018 model bikes did not meet manufacturers specifications. The center step out section of the axle was milled to deep causing the axle thickness to become to thin weakening the axle and could cause it to fracture during riding. Not all bikes effected, check with your local dealer. #TB-GG-18-1 

2018 EC/XC/GP Clutch Hub Nut

OE clutch hub lock washer will not prevent the clutch hub nut from coming loose. Updated washer available. #TB-GG-17-09

2018 EC/XC/GP CDI Re-Mapping (Starting Issue)

With battery fully charged the bike will not start correctly using the electric start system. Starting the bike using the kickstart lever results in bike starting correctly. CDI will be re-programmed and shipped back with a new positive battery cable. Updated battery is recommended but required. Not all bikes effected, check with your local dealer. #TB-GG-17-11

2018 TXT125, TXT250, TXT280, TXT300 and TXT Contact COOLANT

Coolant Level Inspection:

When uncrating and preparing

any of the TXT Trials line of motorcycles,or processing PDI for customer delivery please be aware of the following coolant level inspection;

Total Coolant fill:  0.5 Liters Maximum

Coolant Levels should be just under the internal radiator core!

DO NOT FILL TO CAP!   The trials bikes do not have a overflow like 

enduro bikes and by filling, there will be no room for expansion and can damage the radiator and or the cylinder, head or gaskets as well.